Comprehensive coaching that leads to sporting success
Maximise each player’s potential


The Bruguera Method developed by renowned tennis figure, Lluis Bruguera,  adopts a unique and successful approach to coaching  that helps maximise each player’s potential. It is a tennis coaching system that combines the technical, strategic, physical and mental aspects of the game to ensure that all players reach their highest level of performance from a competitive standpoint.


By adapting to the characteristics of each player, we design a bespoke coaching programme that accommodates to the needs of each player at every stage of their athletic development.


The training sessions aim to replicate real situations that the players will face  during the competition. By doing so, we teach them to manage these situations and make the right decision at all times.

A key part of player development


When it comes to fitness, the key to success is in customising the programme based on the individual characteristics of each player. In this area, particular importance is given to specific exercises that promote joint mobility and strengthen muscles with a view to maximising physical strength and, by doing so, preventing injuries.


The Bruguera Academy also boasts ideal facilities, which include on- and off-court fitness circuits, a football pitch and basketball court and natural surroundings in which we organise activities such as running or mountain circuit training.

Sports psychology through educational experience


The Bruguera Tennis Academy offers its students the chance to benefit from its more than 35 years of experience in coaching professional tennis players through a system that enhances their ability to compete by improving their mental toughness and decision-making abilities.


This sports psychology service addresses important aspects such as managing emotions, which are essential to our players’ achieving both their athletic and personal goals.


In competition, mental toughness, technique and fitness are equally important. That is why our coaches monitor the players throughout their time at the Academy and promote their self-awareness and personal development. Physical and mental training are both essential.

Competition is an essential part of a tennis player’s development


Under the Bruguera Method, competition –and competitiveness– is fundamental. We therefore view tournaments as an essential part of a tennis player’s training and development.


The Academy’s location in Barcelona provides the ideal setting for creating a balanced and bespoke competition schedule that adapts to the objectives and level of each player. In fact, students have the option to compete every week for ten months out of the year, in local, national and international tournaments (ETA, ITF, ATP and WTA).


The players will always be supported and supervised by the coach responsible for them, who will closely monitor their entire development process. Part of this monitoring process includes designing specific programmes aimed at improving performance during competitions.

A tool for improving player’s technique


Video analysis is an important tool for improving an athlete’s game. By analysing training and match situations, we can develop an individual programme for each player from a technical and tactical perspective.


At the Bruguera Academy, we use technology to analyse the technique and tactics of each student. Using a digital camera to record movements enables us to perform a detailed analysis of the player on a technical and strategic level, compile statistics and visualise the evolution of each player.


Video also makes it easier to pinpoint key situations and set them aside for analysis. Our technical team analyses this information and shares it with the players in order to develop specific training techniques to improve weaknesses.

The academy has a nutrition and dietetics service that determines the players’ nutritional intake


Nutrition is an essential part of life, particularly when it comes to athletes. As a result, our nutrition plan, designed by sports specialists, details everything that the athletes need to improve performance on an individual basis.


The Academy has a nutrition and dietetics service that determines the nutritional intake required to correctly optimise athletic performance and help the athletes recover from the physical exertion of training and competition.


Students are given a mixed and varied diet of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, in the proportions that each player needs. We coordinate their energy intake with their training, rest, school and daily activity schedule. By doing so, they receive the nutrition they need for their daily activity.

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