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The athletic facilities at the Bruguera Tennis Academy were designed to ensure that our students train competitively. To do so, we offer clay and GreenSet (hard) courts in order to provide players flexible training on either of the surfaces (depending on the tournament characteristics), a fully equipped gym, a field for additional activities such as football and basketball and an outdoor swimming pool (vital for endurance training and relaxation).

To complement training, we also have a restaurant just for the players, with its own kitchen and meals prepared by a team of nutritionists, as well as a centre specialising in sports medicine and physical therapy.  The education provided by the IMSE International School ensures that each student achieves excellence under one roof.

Our facilities include a residence, international school, 16 courts and a swimming pool, in addition to medical, physical therapy and specialised nutrition services.

Local & international schooling within the academy

Sports medicine and physiotherapy

Fully equipped gym

Unique outside facilities

Restaurant with sports nutritionists

Swimming pool

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